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Providing Adaptive Equipment to Individuals with Autism and Other Disabilities

My original blankets are constructed from the best quality fleece in the world,
 formerly Malden Mills Polartec.  
    Care: Machine Washable--Dryer Dryable cool             Guarantee:  30 washings. Weights are sewn to      an interlining, and are not removable.
    Weight: 5 lbs. standard, Additional weight
            $5 per Lb. BB's, $8 per lb. poly pellets.                    Colors: Blues,Greens,  Red and Black, Light and                     Dark Wine,  Purple and Fuschia.

The Twin Blankets have the weighted area over the top of the bed with  approximately 8" of non-weighted fleece on the edges.  Note picture at left. Black area is weighted,  40"x56" , Purple is single layer fleece, for tucking under mattress.
Total size 60"x79"
Shipping weight 10 Lbs.
Twin Weighted Blanket, with BB's.......$145.00
Large Weighted Shoulder Blankets are designed for teenaged or adult clients to wrap around their shoulders and warm and calm them while sitting at home or in classroom setting.  
In fleece they are 28"x44" with 4 lb of weights.
Shipping weight 8 Lbs.
Large Shoulder Blanket.........................$60.00
Small Weighted Blankets are designed for nap time or calming child while sitting on the couch or such. 
In Fleece they are 44"x55"  with 5 lbs. weight.
Shipping weight 8 Lbs.
Small Weighted Blanket..........................$85.00
Small Weighted Shoulder Blanket are for young school and pre-school age children.  They are "20 x "30 with 4 lbs of weight.
Shipping weight 6 Lbs.
Small Shoulder Blanket..............................$50.00
Fleece Weighted Lap Pillows are to calm children in the classroom or home setting.  They are 9" x18" and have 2.5 lbs. of weight.
Shipping weight 5 Lbs
Fleece Lap Pillows......................................$35.00
Fleece Lap Pillow with Pockets are designed for little fingers to put "figets" in the pockets to distract sensory system and aide in sitting still. They also have elastic loops in the pockets for little fingers to figet with.  Please specify age of child and pocket preferrence, Builder Bob, Dora, Lizard, Balls, Horses, Wildlife. 
They come with 2.5 lbs. weight.
Shipping weight 5 Lbs.
Weighted Pocket Lap Pillows......................$50.00
Weighted Sheets are designed for the individual who has temperature regulation problems.  Or for the summer months.  They come with the standard 5 lbs. weight and are constructed in the  with the weighted area centered over the top of the bed with single layer sheet on both sides. The weights are sewn to the interlining and are not removable.  Available in dark and light blue.
Shipping weight 8 Lbs.
Weighted Sheet.....................................$100.00
Weighted Comforters were designed for the person who could not tolerate fleece.  The weight is still positioned over the bed area but the backing covers the full area of the blanket. The weight is sewn on to the interlining and is not removable. I now make the removable weight blankets but can still make these if desired.   See some of the pattern choices on the "Gallery" page of this website.  Or if you have a preference that you do not see, call me and I may be able to get the fabric design you desire.  These comforters also come with the 5 lb. standard weight unless more weight is requested.
Shipping weight 12 Lbs.
Twin Cotton Backed Comforter.................$185.00

Twin Fleece Backed Comforter..................$205.00
Shipping weight 15 Lb.
Extra weight can be added for $5 per lb. for BB's 
click on pictures to enlarge
Twin with Poly Pellets..........................$175.00
Extra weight for $8 per Lb. for Poly Pellets
Small Cotton Weighted Comforter
For use at nap time or seated in chair or couch.
Size 44"x55"
Prints available as with Twin Comforters.
5 Lb. weights standard
Shipping Weight 8 Lbs.
Small Cotton Comforter......................$95
Small Fleece Backed Comforter
Size 44"x55"
Same as above but backed with Fleece.
5 Lb. weights standard
Shipping weight 10 Lb.
Small Fleece Backed Comforter................$105
When ordering products using the Paypal Buttons, please contact me with an e-mail message or a phone call to confirm color, print or special instructions, as I am new at using Paypal and with the varieties I offer, I have not found all the options for ordering that I am sure a more advanced person could provide on this website.  Bare with me, I'm learning.  I am a much better seamstress than I am a computer operator. 
                                      Thank you for your patience.
                                              Thank You Sue OT
This page has been developed to assist internet purchasers to use
credit cards with Paypal.  If you are a customer in the State of Maine please contact me by phone as you have been in the past.  Please do not use the Paypal buttons. Thank You.
 Small Blanket with Removable Weight Packets. Useful for child who need to wash the blanket weekly or more frequently.  
 Size 44"x 55" Currently in navy, light blue, green, red, black, for girls pink and purple.
Standard blanket  comes with 5 lb weights
 but can be increased to 10 lbs.
Shipping weight 6 Lbs.  
Removable Weight Small Blanket.................$120
     5 Lb. Additional Removable Weight Packets
Weight tunnels have velcro on the ends.
shipping weight 5Lbs.
Additional Weight Tunnels......................$40
The same blanket as above with the same features of removable weight tubes and additional tunnel spaces for adding more weight as needed.  This blanket is 60" x 80"
It can be washed as many times as you would wash a sheet without any problems. 
Available in blues, red & black , green,
light pink and purple. 
Standard blanket comes with 5 lbs. weight and can be increased to 10 lbs.  Heavier blankets available with special orders.
Shipping weight 8 lbs.
Twin Removable Weight Blanket...$230
You can have a print on the top
Waterproof Weighted Blanket with Duvay Cover  
This blanket was designed in 2008 for the client who has heavy nightly bed wetting issues. It is constructed of waterproof ripstop nylon which can be wiped down with spray cleaner and a cloth, after the duvay cover has been removed and machine washed.  
Constructed with snaps on the edges for attaching the duvay cover. The Duvay cover has snaps on the inside and a zipper at the bottom for easy application to the waterproof blanket. 5 lbs of BB weights is standard.  Shipping weight 19Lbs. 
Please call me before ordering this product. 
Twin Price, with sheet covering..................$265
click on photo to enlarge
    Twin price with fleece covering..............$285
​Fleeced Backed Small..........$130.00
Twin fleece backed removable...$250
Large Size Removable Weight Blankets.
This size was developed for Maine care because they didn't want to buy twin sizes unless the child was 6 feet tall.  They measure 56" x 72". They come with standard blanket of 5 lbs. but more weight can be added for 8$ a lb.   The same colors are available as the above blankets. The advantages are the same.  Please call me when ordering this size.  The price is $180.00
These are my current Removable Weight Blankets. 
I developed these blankets when it became apparent that making them of fleece was too hot for many of the kids. They are constructed of poly-cotton on both sides. One side has the double tunnels for the weight tubes . There is Velcro on the ends of the tunnels and tubes to hold them in place.  They are removable for washing and you can position where needed. More weight can be added as the child grows.  You can have a print on the other side or fleece if desired.