Hi! My name is Susan Hoffman. I am an Occupational Therapy Assistant with 20 years of experience and a Professional Seamstress with 50 years experience. 

 Through working in the OT field I have become aware of the need for kid friendly and economical weighted products for the autistic and special needs population eighteen years ago I began sewing different items to meet this need. 

I collaborated with a local OTR/L who had many years of experience in the field of Sensory Integration at the local United Cerebral Palsy Center.  She trialed my early products on the kids in her practice and helped me to refine my designs.

I have been fortunate with my endeavors and have been blessed by having most of the State of Maine agencies purchasing my products because of their quality and reasonable prices.   I would like to offer these products over the net in an attempt to help more families, teachers, and caregivers who have family members and clients who have sensory needs.

I guarantee the quality of materials and workmanship of my products.  They are machine washable and machine dryable and have been used by clients, washed repeatedly for several years and proven to be durable.  My original blankets were constructed of  Malden Mills Polarfleece, with the weights sewn to the interlining, however, I became aware that they were hot for the kids. I still make the fleece blankets upon request.

​My current blankets are made with removable weight  in small, large or twin, which gives the option to add more weight as the child grows and needs more weight. The weights can also be repositioned over the area of the body were the weight is desired. or if the blanket is longer than the child  The weights also are designed to be removed for easier washing . These can also have fleece on the back for the fuzzy lover.  

My vests  come in preschool Velcro sided variety available in novelty prints of sport balls, Builder Bob or trains, added by request  Butterflies for girls.  Zipper front camo or denim vests are available for school age boys or zipper front butterfly pattern vests are available for girls.  School teachers have advised me that school age kids still require the weight for sensory input but refuse to use the commercial vests because the look funny and make them feel self conscious, but they enjoy wearing my vests and benefit greatly from them.

Weighted items do not work for all individuals but if your OT thinks they would help your loved one give me a call.

Sue Hoffman COTA/L retired
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