"Wheelchair Fishin'
No Admission"

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for purchasing your weighted products from NEAE.  Your money is used to serve the disabled community twice. Once for the top quality items that you have purchased and a second time by helping me to pay for free wheelchair fishing at my private property on Etna Pond.
Over the past fifteen years I have been able to purchase, build and maintain a recreational site where persons with any type of disablity can come and sit by the water, have a picnic, swing on the swings overlooking a beautiful view,  or go out on the dock and catch a fish. In this setting, trials of a disablity pale in  the grandeur of God's creation.
With the help of a few loyal friends, we have built two parking areas, trails thru the woods,and a ramp and dock with rails that extends 30' into the water.  We have yearly repeat visitors from nursing homes, day programs, one on one support groups and disabled visitors from 100 miles away who have enjoyed what we offer and what you have helped to pay for.
I always say, "I am a philanthropist at heart but the only thing I have to philanth is a beautiful day at The Pond." I was inspired to do this by my friend Cynthia who was confined to a wheelchair since she had polio at 14.  She told me "I love the woods but I haven't been in the woods for 50 years because you can't get in the woods in a wheelchair." But before she went to heaven she was able to come down to the dock and catch her fish.


2010 Visitors --You are helping me provide these smiles.
Bob calling to the Loons
Tony with the biggest smile I've seen
         pictures below