I offer a variety of sensory items to assist clients in normalizing daily life.
Below please find descriptions and pictures of these items.  
Remember new items are being added daily.
Please call me when ordering for color choices.
Maine customers please order by telephone as usual and please don't order using Paypal Buttons.  Thank You.  Sue OT

New England Adaptive Equipment
Providing Adaptive Equipment to Individuals with Autism and Other Disabilities

Used for calming effect and assisting in dropping shoulders for relaxation.
Filled with 3  Lb Poly Pellets
Shipping Weight  5 Lbs.
3 yard long tunnel provides propreoceptive input as child climbs through tunnel or pushes a beach ball in front of them.   Variety of colors, no choice.
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Price .......small child ..$40 .large child $50
Shipping Weight 5 Lbs.
A cocoon of  4  way stretch lycra provides a place of seclusion and propreoceptive input.
Variety of colors,  contact me for choices. 
Sizes from 36" to 60" tall
Shipping Weight 5 Lbs.
prices below
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These are the only products I do not construct from scratch.  They have weight packets added to them to provide calming effect.
Please contact me for ordering this product.
Sized in 3Lb, Shipping weight 5 Lb.
4Lb.  Shipping weight 5 Lb.  
5lb. dog shipping weight is 6 lbs.
A new 5 lb. dog is now available, other dogs with 3 or 4lbs. are pictured. Now offering 3 lb cat.  Please send me an e-mail to choose which dog or cat you are interested in.
Small 3 Lb....$50
Medium..4 Lb.....$55
Weighted Belt is constructed of 2 inch webbing with weights sewn in place over back and illiac crests for most benificial hip pressure. Velcro closure is adjustable from 27" to 32" comes with 4 lb. weight.  Larger sizes available on request. Washable.
Price $50
Shipping  weight ......5 lb.
Please call when ordering this product.
Circular bands of 4 way strech lycra 
that give push back proprioception as seen. They vary in length for size of child.  Small for preschool, Med for up to 4 foot tall, Large for 5-6 foot tall.
Give a similar feel and calming as body sock but without the enclosure.  Washable.  
Price ....$15.00...$20....$25 
Shipping weight 1 lb.

This weighted cap is designed for the child with the need for downward pressure on the head for calming.  It is not appropriate for Downs Syndrome children who may have the defect of cervical vertibrae 1&2.  
The weight varies from 1/2 to 2  lb.
1/4 lb weight packets are placed inside pockets in the cap lining. Pockets are closed with velcro.
1/2 lb packets are sewn into the cap to give it body. The other packets can be placed by the OT or PT
The circumfrence of the head at the temple is the measurement needed for the correct fit.  This product is only sold with the approval of a qualified OT or PT who can determine if this is an appropiate intervention for your child.
Price $60.....Shipping wieght 3 lb.s
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Small for preschool kids
Medium for 4 foot tall
Large for 5-6 foot tall

For many years people have been asking me for something to give a compression to the head. I could not think of any way to do that until a few weeks ago.  I now have constructed a compression headband made of Veltex.  I make them in any circumference but the first ones have been from 19" to 23".  The circumference of the head is the starting point then the further compression is given by tightening the two velcro straps on the side of the band.  The first ones have been successful in stopping the children from hitting their heads with hands or object.  I need your feedback on this product so I can know how to market it successfully.
Price $35 shipping in the US  Included circumference when placing your order.

8 lb. Shoulder Harness

This product was developed for an OT & PT who wanted to have 4 lbs on each shoulder to controll tremors in adult patients. It has been successful  and I am  now adding it to my page even though it is for adults. I have not sized it down for child size yet.  The weights are sewn into the harness as it was requested over the shoulders.  Price $150.00 
New cats and dogs only available in 3&4 lb weights.  New 5lb dog now available.
​Sammy Snake /  Neon Nick
 This weighted snake was designed for this young man. He weights 4 lbs. and has poly pellets and a strip of BB's to bring it up to weight.  Price $65
Because I have had continual problems with paypal charging the wrong or no shipping I have had to increase the price to $25 which includes  shipping in the US. For orders from  Canada and the UK you will have to contact me first and send the shipping by paypal separately.
give circunfrence
special sizes
​Large 5 lb. Dog...$75