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Providing Adaptive Equipment to Individuals with Austism and Other Disabilities
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This vest is designed for preschool aged children and features kid friendly prints and Velcro sides for easy don/doff. It also features a waist belt to snug vest around child.  The pockets have Velcro closures to secure the weight packets.  Pockets are located high on chest and above waist to give the best proprioseptive input to shoulders.  Offered in X-Small, Small and Medium.  These vests come with 4 lbs of weight packets in 16 x 1/4 lb.  
Prints of  Trains, and Builder Bob and Sport Balls are offered. Also available in solid colors or denim.  Please specify print and size from size chart below.
Shipping weight 5 lbs.
Price $100.00
This weighted vest is designed for school aged girls and features butterfly or bird prints, a zipper closure and tie belt in back. It does not have pocket flaps but the pockets are secured with velcro closures.  
Sizes X-Small, Small, and Medium come with 4 lbs of weights. Large comes with 5 lbs. of weight. Please specify print and size from chart below. Shipping weight 8 lbs.
Small and Med..$120.....Large ..$130

This vest is designed for school age boys and is fashioned after a fishing vest.  It features Camo or Denim cloth, a zipper front closure, pocket flaps with velcro that hold weight packets in place and a tie belt in back. Pockets are placed high on chest and above waist level for best sensory input to shoulders.
Sizes X-Small, Small and Medium come with 4 lbs of weight in 16 1/4 lb packets.  Large comes with 5 lbs of weight.
Specify print and size from size chart below.
Shipping weight 8 lbs.
Small and Med..$120..Large ..$130

Size Chart
For proper fit, the child must be measured across the back from  
shoulder to shoulder, from the collar to the waist and 
                                                around chest and waist.  

 Size             Shoulder         Collar to Waist           Chest           Waist                 XSmall               9"              12 1/2"                            27"               27"    
Small                  12"             13"                                  32"               32"
Small long         12"             16"                                  32"               32"
Medium             13 1/2"      16"                                   36"               36"
Large                  15"             18"                                   38"               38"

These weighted vests are made to order and if you need a different size please contact me and I will make an appropriate vest for your child. 
Adult sizes are also available on a special order status.

These vests are to be used under the supervision of an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist who will decide were the weights are to 
be placed and develop a wearing schedule.

Additional weight packets can be purchased at $5 per lb.  Your therapist will tell you if your child needs more than the 4 or 5 lbs that come as standard with the vests.

Preschool Vests
School Age Zipper Vests
for Boys
School Age Zipper Vest
for Girls
Compression Vests.
Compression vests are constructed of Veltec fabric which stretches and provides compression to the trunk for propreoceptive input which gives a calming effect.  On some clients weights are not as effective as compression garments.  They can also be worn under shirts so they are less obvious. Unlike weighted vests they do not require a wearing schedule and can be left in place for a prolonged period which can be less disruptive to the child.
Sizes...x-small, small, medium, large.
Be sure to measure for proper fit.
X-small and Small..$80   Med ...$80
Large ...$100  X-L ..$130.00
Shipping weight 5 Lbs.
This page has been developed to assist internet purchasers to use
credit cards with Paypal.  If you are a customer in the State of Maine please contact me by phone as you have been in the past.  Please do not use the Paypal buttons if you are a tax exempt agency as Paypal will charge you tax.   Thank You.
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compression vest. Wrap around waist and chest snugly, attach velcro, then pull front shoulder straps down tightly and velcro in back.
                    Adult Vest
Preschool vests offer velcro sides. Note the Builder Bob print is an x-small and offers a velcro shoulder strap on one side to facilitate getting over the head while maintaining a narrower shoulder width.

The best way I have found to get the most accurate measurements is to draw a T-shirt and measure the child as described in the picture.
8 LB shoulder Harness

This product was developed at the request of a PT & OT who wanted to have 4 lbs on each shoulder to control tremors in a patient.  The weights are sewn into the vest over the shoulders, with 4 lbs on each shoulder .   It was successful in controlling the tremors.  It was developed for a adult  and I have not currently down sized for a child yet.  The price is $150

Now available in Black and Purple. Blue no longer available
click on photo to enlarge
Weighted Compression Vest  
This is for the OTs who want weights in their compression vest. Small and Med with 5 lbs. weight =$110 
 Large $140  X-large  $150
Additional weight $5 per lb.