Another new addition is lap pillows with pockets for fidgets to hide in. One of the pockets also has elastic loops for little fingers to wiggle in while child sits quietly.
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Lavender Butterflies.

                NEW FOR 2013-14
Over the years I have been asked for a removable weight or increasing weight blanket.  Well here it is!!
This blanket has weight tubes that can be removed for washing and also has extra tunnels to place additional weight tubes in as the child needs more weight.  It is constructed of Polar Fleece on one side and cotton on the tunnel side.  It takes alot more time to construct so I am sorry but the price has to reflex that.  $130 for 5lb blanket.  Sheet backing  for $120.  An additional 5lb of weight can be purchased for $8 per lb.   You can order it on the purchase blanket page.


For many years people have been asking me for something to give a compression to the head. I could not think of any way to do that until a few weeks ago.  I now have constructed a compression headband made of Veltex.  I make them in any circumference but the first ones have been from 19" to 23".  The circumference of the head is the starting point then the further compression is given by tightening the two velcro straps on the side of the band.  The first ones have been successful in stopping the children from hitting their heads with hands or object.  I need your feedback on this product so I can know how to market it successfully.
Price $25 each.   Include circumference when placing your order.  Order on the Sensory Products Page.

I would like to thank this young man and his parents for allowing me this picture opportunity. Notice he is looking me in the eye which took alot of therapy for him to accomplish. Congratulations Corban and thank you for the photo.
I have now enlarged to a twin sized removable weight blanket. It features the same removable weight tubes as the small blanket featured above and has the option of adding more weight as needed. It measures 60"x 80" . It comes with 5 lbs of weight for $230.  Fleece backed for  $250. Additional weights are $8 per lb. You can find it on the order blanket page.
Another advantage to these blankets is that the weight tubes can be repositioned so they are over the body  area.  Maine Care has been paying for them with Dr. RX and an OT  letter of necessity.   In order for Maine Care to pay there has to be documentation that weight has been effective in increasing sleep or rest in child.
This is a new nature lover print.  It is called Resting Wolves. This blanket has brown cotton on the back and is a removable 10 lb.  blanket.
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NEW FOR 2016

This is a weighted compression vest for those OTs who want that option.  5 lbs. of weight comes as standard with the vest.  Sizes are the same as on the unweighted version available on the Purchase Vests page.  Price is $100 for small & Medium. Large $120.
Now offering compression vest and headbands in purple for girls.  I have been asked for purple enough times to make it worth a trial.  Price is the same as the black version.
New Horse print